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Dolor sit


 The Shepherd spent his weekend cutting out sheep in the barn in a for pictures of sale sheep coming soon!


Ron and his dad LeRoy started their fascination with the Suffolk Breed over 40 years ago and continue today, raising a flock that is both competitive  in the show ring and functional in the barn. They strive to produce sheep that are growthy, productive and eye appealing. Ron was joined by his wife Beth in 1984 and then their 3 daughters, Becca, Courtney and Tayler. They have enjoyed showing at many different shows in North and South Dakota, as well as showing at the NAILE in Kentucky. You can find us on Facebook, by email or by phone 701 783-4514 (home) 701 710-0129 (Ron's cell)  Feel free to contact us for any of your future sheep needs.

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